Your First Steps To Surfing – Start Cruising Fast!

Fishing from the surf is a well established sport and the coasts of the United States offer some of the best waters for surfcasting. There are various makes, sizes and models of surf rods and reels for saltwater fishing. A lot of the fishing rods are being marketed as specialized rods that are best suited for a particular fishing condition. If you are new to surf fishing, this can be confusing when choosing your rods and can get expensive buying all the gear at once. You can start collecting more gear as you acquired more fishing skills later on.

Remember if the surf schools you thinking of booking a lesson with; don’t answer yes to these points? Then keep on looking. Otherwise you may be putting your safety on the line. Not mention that you will be wasting your money if you truly wish to learn to surf.

To make this strategy work, you will first need to locate a great wetsuit sale. This is not as hard as you might think since most scuba diving gear retailers have websites that prominently display their sale items on the home page. You can find these easily by conducting an internet search for “wetsuits” or “wetsuit sale” and check the first few search results.

Kids wetsuits should provide warmth and comfort to your child. These are the most important factors when buying a wetsuit for your kid. It is important that you choose one that fits snugly on your kid’s body. Not too tight and neither too loose. This should fit like a second skin.

As mentioned above every day is different, you need to respect the ocean. It may be your first day off in a month, but if the current conditions are 14′ W swells @ 13 seconds, it may not be the right day. Unless you are surfing a protected cove that is blocking most of that swell and does not have rip currents. Waiting for a better day may be difficult, but you want to be safe. When the surf is big there is a lot more water moving around. Rip currents are generally stronger under these conditions. It is also difficult to surf in poor conditions because you will be wasting all your energy battling the current. Again check with your local surf shop, or check your local surf report. Some surf shop (like ours) have a surf report right on their websites.

Choose a location that has a variety of surfing breaks but also that will have a number of things to do out of the water. General beginners will last around 2-3 hours before getting tired.

The #1 unwritten rule in surfing is, the surfer closest to the curl has priority. If you are on the shoulder of the wave and someone else is deeper (closer to where the wave is starting to break), they have priority. Always look before you take off on the wave. Beginners are notorious for just paddling into anything, unaware that someone else may have the wave already. I try to stay away from beginners for this reason. I do not want to get in a collision with anyone while I am surfing. This is one rule you don’t want to learn the hard way. It can lead to collisions, getting yelled at, or at the worst causing a fight. I think it’s better to know the rules before any of this happens.

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